Facing south, with a great view, the space and privacy of Worden House provides a stunning location for your family, friends and colleagues.

A warm pool with a hot tub.

A house with lots of natural light.

Whatever your needs...

We try to be 'on our game'.

A very relaxing retreat...

Where you can all dine together...

inside or outside.

Sound and Vision.

Fully equipped with a large cinema and a snug plasma room ideal for movies or presentations, Audio points and iPod docking station complete with top of the range sound system for your listening pleasure in the main areas of the house and Wi-Fi - inside and outside.

So when you feel the need for media - we deliver.


Over 1500 movies to choose from!

Pool and table tennis.

Find somewhere for a coffee...

and enjoy the view.


Devon has built a reputation for some of the best local produce and we can help you find it. Whatever your needs, we are prepared.

We know what's good...

and we have all the kit.